Earn money online! Chitika vs Google Adsense 2013 advertising programs!

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We have tried several different advertising programs to earn money online. We have found that Google Adsense earns the most money online 2013 vs other advertisers. If you have a site that got banned from Google Adsense you are in trouble trying to find an advertising program that pays as much as Adsense. It is better to clean up your site and see if Google Adsense will take you back! Check out the result of how to earn money online Chitika vs Adsense 2013 further down in this article.

Here are some of the most common alternatives on how to earn money online 2013:
Google Google Adsense
(Adbrite doesn’t exist anymore)

Chitika and infolinks are probably the most used advertising programs after Google Adsense earning money online in 2013. But that doesn’t mean that Chitika nor infolinks can earn you as much money as Google Adsense can. Chitika works similar to Google Adsense with text or rich content ads, and Infolinks provides small links inside your content text that lead the visitor to ads.

If you are banned from Google Adsense, other advertiser options might be to consider. But to earn the most money online 2013, Google Adsense is the absolutely best alternative! Google Adsense provide targeted user customized ads with a good variety. The other advertise programs like Chitika, might have problems displaying the same ads over and over, or random ads instead of costumized ads to interest or content. Or even worse, fake ads in lack of advertisers. We found that Google Adsense will earn you more money online vs any other advertiser in 2013!

Take a look at this example below. This is the revenue of the same site in the same persiod of time in 2013. This site has only about 500 unique visitors/day. Look at the difference in clicks and revenue between Chitika vs Google Adsense.

Earn money online! Chitika vs Google Adsense 2013 advertising programs!

As you can see, Chitika registered 0-5 clicks / day vs Google Adsende that registered 25 – 40 clicks / day. By the end of one week Chitika has registered 15 clicks and earned 0,23$ in total while having over 24 000 impressions, Google Adsence on the other hand earned about 150kr (SEK) / day, (20$/day or 140$/week). Well, I rest my case.

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