How to get high Google ranking? 21 SEO tips and factors to rank high.

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How to get high Google ranking? SEO tips and factors to rank higher.
This article will give yout the 20 best tips and factors to get high Google ranking in the long run. No spam methods and no cost. Just follow these simple SEO tips:

How to get high Google ranking? 20 SEO tips and factors to rank high.

  1. Always have a Privacy Policy on your website. More info in Privaty policys in this article.
  2. Remember, you can’t fool Google with hidden elements like extra <h1> or links with a height of 0px etc. This might even make your site rank drop. Don’t even try!
  3. Clean code = higher ranking. Validate your html here:
    Validate your css here:
  4. Write a lot of content with high quality information that people actually want to read.
  5. Update often, even every day, or several times a day. At least 1-2 new articles/week is a minimum.
  6. Add a sitemap to your site. There are a lot of plugins to do this fast, for example xml sitemaps for WordPress.
  7. Get other sites to link to your webpage, the more the better. Drop your links in forums and comments on other websites.
  8. Have a lot of internal links in your content linking between pages and posts. Doing the above, If anyone should copy your content they might also copy and display your links back to your site = good SEO.
  9. Use microdata and structured data. This will help Google understand your content and authenticate you as the original author (preventing scrapers from taking credit). Read more about strucutred data here.
    Some WordPress themes already provide some structured data, check your site for structured data here:
  10. If you are using WordPress, Install a WordPress SEO plugin like All in one SEO pack or SEO by Yoast and use it!
  11. Use some relevant keywords repeatedly through all site content.
  12. Have a good post title with relevant keywords.
  13. Have the exact same words in the page content and post url as in the page title, for example:
  14. As said before, repeat the words in your pagetitle and url inside the content, preferably in headings like H1, H2, H3 and in <strong> tags, but also in regular text.
  15. All content should have a description, a post, a page, all images and media etc. Use your page title keywords.
  16. All images should also have an “alt text” and a “title”. Use your page title keywords.
  17. It’s been said that keywords are no longer used as a metatag, but It can’t hurt to use them anyway.
  18. Use various media to increase credibility: text, images, film and more.
  19. Use Webmastertools and Google Analytics to keep track of users, search queries, your rankings and much more. Correct any errors to rank as high as possible.
  20. If you are using WordPress, be ware of posting posts for the future, the actual post might not get published untill the publish date is comming up, but your attachments will. This means that the attachments like images, will be ranked, and then link back to a post not published yet = post not found. This is very bad SEO. Use future publish dates a maximum of 1 week ahead & only when needed.
  21. Let it take time! It might take a few months or even years to climb in Google search results and build credibility. Real effort will last longer than trying to get ahead with spam or other shady methods. Good luck!


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