How to create great graphic design & web design inspiration / usability

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How to create good graphic design & web design inspiration / usability.
To create a truly successfull website you need to pay attention to usability in an early stage. Great usability is a result of smart and intuitive graphic design / web design + information design + interaction design. Here are some guidelines and inspiration on how to create great graphic design / web design.


What is graphic design and web design?

Well, some people might say that the design is just some random colors, backgrounds and fonts, but there is so much more to it! Truly great graphic design and web design is a very important part of web usability making the website user friendly, intuitive, dynamic and effortless. The design should also enhance and make a strong brand, clarify content and give the visitor an experience and feelings of wanting or belonging etc.

How to create great graphic design & web design inspiration / usability



How can I improve the graphic design & web design on my website?

The very first step is to determine the goal and purpose of your website and who your target audience is. Plan the structure carefully to get a good overview of pages, navigation and workflows. Use sitemaps and wireframes. The graphic design and web design always comes last. Having this in mind, here are some usability guidelines to improve the graphic design and web design on your website:

  • The graphic design should help the user to navigate and find what they are looking for without thinking.
  • Try to enhance and make the brand and purpose of your website very clear using graphic elements to match the content.
  • Use graphic design and web design to give the visitor an experience and feelings. A lux car website needs to feel premium and exclusive while a buy / sell website might be better of with a cheap looking design to give the visitor a feeling of making good bargains.

Backgrounds and colors

  • Be carefull with loud colors and patterns.
  • If you want to use large photo backgrounds, choose carefully especially if having text on top. Consider having several custom images to suit both full screen, mobile and ipad. A good trick might be to blur the image, making the text appear more clearly.
  • Choose colors wisely. A butcher / meat website will probably not look good in red enhancing all that blood. Some colors comes with built in emotions. Bright yellow + black might read warning, blue has a more corprate feel and green is more harmonic and close to nature.


  • A font that is perfect for your brand might be hard to read in a text block. Use special fonts in larger sizes only for headings or navigation. Always use an easy to read sans-serif font for all text blocks and smaller font-sizes.
  • Don’t use too small font sizes.
  • Highligt important parts to make them easy to find.
  • Use lists, demarcations, quotes, charts and graphics to illustrate and put focus on important content.


  • If the image does not contribute to your content then don’t use it!
  • Consider adding icons, pictograms or graphics to enhance and clarify important user options further, for example a search icon.
  • Always optimize all images by saving them with as small bitesize as possible without losing quality. Photoshop has a great option File > Save for web. This to avoid unnecessary loading time.

Navigation, links and buttons

  • Design buttons to look like clickable buttons not to confuce the user.
  • Same with links, make the look as links.
  • Style links with an active and visited state to give the user feedback.



Graphic design & web design inspiration:

Design inspiration



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