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How to add a custom menu in WordPress. By default WordPress will add all pages to the default primary menu. If you want to add a custom menu in WordPress instead, using sub-menus, external links or only displaying some of the pages in the primary menu. This is how to.


How to add custom menu WordPress:

  1. Log in to the WordPress Admin and go to appearance > menus
  2. “Create new menu” and name it. Save the menu by clicking the button “create menu”.
  3. You will see panels on the left: pages / categories / links. Just open a panel for example “pages” to see all created pages on your site (use the “view all” tab). Simply check and “add to menu”.
  4. To see all panels avalable, use the > “Screen Options” tab on the top-right to also see Tags, Posts and more,
  5. Create an external link in the panel “Links”.
  6. Or add a category to the menu using the “Category” panel and so on.


  7. You can drag and drop all menu items in the menu to suit your needs.

    How to add a custom menu in WordPress step by step tutorial

  8. You can add menu items inside other menu items. this will create a dropdown sub menu.
  9. When you are done, save the menu.
  10. To make your custom menu default, check the box “primary menu” or go to the “Manage locations” tab. Choose your custom menu to be WordPress primary menu. Save. You are done!


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