How to create and send newsletter from wordpress website

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How to create and send newsletter from wordpress website
Get subscribers to submit their email addresses and then send out newsletters to them. It’s a great way to build a relationship & remind your users about your great services. This is how to create and send newsletters from your wordpress website, also add an automatic subscribe form.

How to create and send newsletter from wordpress website


Install the MailPoet Newsletters plugin

“The MailPoet Newsletters” WordPress plugin is an easy & quick way to get subscribers to submit with their email address, and send out custom designed newletters, right from your WordPress admin. Install the “The MailPoet Newsletters” WordPress plugin to get started.

  1. In your WordPress admin, go to menu Plugins > Add new.
  2. Search for “mailpoet newsletters”
  3. Click to install plugin
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. A new menu “mailpoet” will appear in your Admin, you are done!

Plugin is found here:



Create a new email-list to collect all subscribers e-mails for the newsletter

Go to Mailpoet > subscribers in your WordPress admin. Add a new list and name it.



Create a new email form for subscribers to submit their e-mail addresses.

Go to Mailpoet > settings > forms and create a new form. This is the submition form your visitors will use to sign up for your newsletter and submit their email address. In your form settings, add your custom mail list and alter it as you like. Save. Now, all subscribers emails will be saved in your custom email list.



Add subscribers for the newsletter manually (or import email addresses)

To add newsletter subscribers manually may be considered sending spam! This is how to do it. Go to Mailpoet > Subscribers > Add subscribers to add them manually, or go to Mailpoet > Subscribers > import to import an email list from elsewhere, for example g-mail.



Show your subscribtion form on your website

Use the widget – In wordpress admin > Appearance > Widgets you will find a new widget called “mailPoet subscription Form”. Drop this widget wherever you like to show the subscription form on your website.
Use shortcode – You can also use the shortcode inside any page or post, or add the shortcode in any template or theme file. To find the shortcode, go to MailPoet > Settings and click the tab “Forms”. Click on your subscription form / edit. On the bottom of this page you will find shortcodes, html / php / iframe solutions to adding the subscription form to your website. For pages or posts just paste in the shortcode as it is [wysija_form id="2"], in templates or theme files you need to use php to print your shortcode, something like this:
$widgetNL = new WYSIJA_NL_Widget(true);
echo $widgetNL->widget(array('form' => 2, 'form_type' => 'php'));



Create your first newsletter from your WordPress website

Go to Mailpoet > newsletters and create a new one, duplicate an existing one (or work with the default one already created). Choose your mail frequency, subject and mailing list and click next. Now you should see a template of your first newsletter. Click inside of it to alter the text. Add elements from the right menu > images, headings, styling or themes. You can even drag & drop sections inside of the newsletter. At the bottom of the newsletter you can send a preview to your own email address. When finished click on the “next step” button. Fill in the remaining parameters and send or save your newsletter as a draft. All newsletters are found under Mailpoet > newsletters.



Send your newsletter to subscribers

Follow the steps above and just hit send on the last step, or go to Mailpoet > newsletters to see all newsletters sent or created. To send a draft newsletter, click on it and follow the steps above and hit send on the last step. You can only send a newsletter once, but you can duplicate a sent one and send it again, or make modifications to it.



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