Help, I can’t update WordPress? WordPress updating problems

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Help, I can’t update WordPress ? Having  WordPress updating problems?
The quickest way to update WordPress is to login to the WordPress admin panel, and then click on the update symbol in the top bar. When WordPress is working properly, all you need to do next is hit the “Update now” button. If you can’t update WordPress or having updating problems, keep reading.

Help, I can't update WordPress ? WordPress updating problems


I can’t update WordPress ? – The solution

If the  “Update now” button doesn’t work or if you can’t update WordPress or having other updating problems, try one ore more of these solutions:


When clicking “update now”, you get a blank screen and nothing is happening

Solution: If you can update plugins and / or themes but still not the Wordpess core update, try to deactivate all plugins and then update. Activate plugins again after update is finished.


Getting an error message “Could not create directory.: /public_html/wp-content/upgrade”

Solution: Try changing the permissions on the /wp-content directory to 766 on your server / web hotel. If you still have problems, try 767, 775 or 777. You need to have access to the server or c-panel to do this. Once your upgrade is working, change the permissions back to 755 and check if everything is OK.


WordPress update – If nothing else works

Try to do a manual update. Download the latest WordPress version and unzip it if needed. Upload the files manually to your server. You need an ftp connection to do this.
Wordpress download:


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